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Welcome to Otley COMMON

A new home for community group activities, events, culture and enterprise in Otley

A COMMON Manifesto

This is a story about our towns, our streets, our buildings and our community.

The spaces and places we all share, should share and need to share.

They lead us to a deeper sense of place and connect us to each other.

COMMON places that we can meet, learn, teach, work and enjoy.


Places that make us feel proud.

Places that speak to us, that we have helped create,

we can have a stake in, that we build for the COMMON good.

To create a new history — reinvented, renovated and reimagined.


What our old COMMON buildings can be.

These buildings were never constructed to serve the few,

they were created in eras of civic pride,

constructed for the COMMON person.


This is our collective commission —

to become custodians of the building,

to give it a new purpose, a new lease of life and meaning for the future and value to our town and all of us that live here.

An open building that becomes a beacon, an inviting place for us all to use,

to communicate, to comment.

A place that combines the wealth of a community,

its people, its resources and its spirit.

Created from a cooperative approach and a true sense of duty.

The building will be a place we all have in COMMON.


We are aiming to raise £871,000 by 1st September 2024 to cover the cost of purchase, basic renovations and first year running costs. We will be doing this through a mixture of community shares, donations and grant funding.

Mailing List

Sign up to our mailing list to keep updated on events that are happening at Otley Common, how you can get involved, and opportunities to use space at the venue. We will send a monthly newsletter with lots of interesting updates.


We want to provide a home for community groups, artists, entrepreneurs and small business start-ups, and fitness groups who lack the space to operate and grow.

Click below to learn about the space and how you could use it.

Our Vision

We are a group of local residents who have come together to buy Otley Methodist Church to preserve this beautiful Grade II-listed building as a much-needed home for the community to meet, work and play. 

Otley Common will be a multi-functional community hub or 'Town Hall' providing:

  • Spaces for Community Activities: Scouts, Guides, Rainbows and Beavers; exercise and well-being classes like Pilates and yoga; activities for elderly and youth groups; a continuing home for the Methodist congegration; room hire for other local groups.

  • Events Space: community theatre and music events, dance nights, food and clothes markets, festivals, weddings, exhibitions, conferences etc.

  • Workspaces: flexible studio and office spaces for local artists, business start-ups, entrepreneurs and social enterprises to be able to work locally and provide a hub for collaborative and remote working.

  • Sustainable Energy: the Caretaker’s Cottage will be restored and retrofitted with sustainable energy technology to serve as a working example of how similar stone properties can be maintained in an energy-efficient way and then let as affordable housing.

Otley Common will be run as a not-for-profit community benefit society, owned by the people from Otley for the people of Otley. 



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