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The aim of Otley Common is simple: "To create a space where the Otley Community can come together to thrive and make good things happen"


We want Otley Common to be an accessible,
multi-purpose space that is widely used by the
local community.


The impact of Otley Common will be:
1. Improved wellbeing of Otley residents, specifically
targeting loneliness, isolation and low self esteem
2. Increased sense of local pride among Otley residents
3. Supporting a vibrant and well-networked community
4. Supporting the local economy to thrive
5. Tackling climate change and helping people live

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Arts and Heritage

Local people have access to high quality, affordable, and inclusive opportunities in the arts, cultural services, heritage and sports.


Citizenship and Community

Local people have a positive perception of their community and area, feeling satisfied and proud of where they live.

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Employment, Training, and Education

Local people have access to training opportunities,
are able to develop new skills and create lifelong
learning opportunities.

Sustainability and Regeneration

Creating local economic growth, spending and investment, whilst also reducing carbon footprint, promoting energy efficiency, and preserving or enhancing local biodiversity.

Adult Ballet Class

Health and Wellbeing

Local people have opportunities to engage in meaningful and fulfilling activities, creating a sense of purpose, emotional resilience, confidence and aspirations for
the future.

Community Action Hub
Many people in Otley are involved in local community groups and charities. These groups organise a host of events that bring the town to life including the Otley Carnival, Otley Show, the Victorian Fayre, Otley Live, the Chevin Discovery Day, the Cycling Family Day, and the Green Fair. 

They also provide critical support to vulnerable people, through projects like the Otley Community Larder, the Food Bank, Otley Action for Older People and Welcome Spaces. With our partners, Otley 2030, we would like to create a hub that has the community running through its fabric.

In practice, this will mean:


  1. Providing a common space for people to meet together and foment new ideas that will lead to ground breaking new projects for the town, as we look to help Otley thrive over the coming decades.

  2. Actively seeking funding so that we can offer subsidised access to space in the hub for community groups, particularly those supporting young people.

  3. Adapting Otley 2030's digital stakeholder mapping to create a physical reference point for people who want to access or volunteer with community groups in the town.

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